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Giving Christmas

''Never stop doing little things for others, sometimes these little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts''. On Christmas morning the homeless, elderly and shut-ins, of Grange Hill were treated to dinner. Business man and philanthropist Dennis Hawthorne once again partnered with Grange Hill High School ensure the residents Christmas was MERRY.

NEET chairman, Winston Wellington was pleased to be able to once again share in the tradition of Giving Christmas. For 8 years Principal of Grange Hill High School, Mr Errol Stewart and the Past Student Association has 
prepared and delivered hot, nutritious meals to the elderly, shut ins and the homeless of the community on Christmas day.

One of the best feelings: seeing someone genuinely smile and know you made that smile possible. We salute you Errol Stewart, Dennis Hawthorne and the Past Students association for demonstrating the true meaning behind Christmas. 

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