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Our 5th Graduation

Graduation Flyer
On Sunday March 26, Negril Education Environment Trust hosted its 5th Tablet Programme Graduation on the beautiful lawns of Westender Inn. The 27 graduates and  parents were addressed by past student Topaz Tyson who charged students to follow the NEET principles to achieve their dreams. We want to thank Ayanna Gregory for her powerful message to all attendees. 

The students and parents began attending classes at Travellers Beach Resort on January 21. For 8 weeks they worked alongside the teachers and volunteers to master the NEET Principles of Honesty, Discipline, Punctuality and a good Attitude. For 8 weeks they learn about new technologies, where to find information and how to become better in school and life. Taking a holistic approach we aim to change the way they think and direct them on the path of success.

Thank you to all our donors for committing to changing the lives of families.

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